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The ontological approach to coaching and organisational development has the potential to deeply impact the quality of people's relationships and living as well as impact what organisations can achieve.  Working with me you will develop incredibly important skills that we need in our society at this time when we need new ways of relating to each other and new ways of relating to life on earth.

I am an executive coach and trainer based in Canberra, Australia. I was born in Hobart, Tasmania and spent most of my life on the island.  I live in Canberra with my partner and stepdaughter and regularly return to Hobart to see the rest of my family and longtime friends.

Prior to training as a coach, I spent nearly 15 years leading and growing a specialist software company,, which I  co-founded in the late 90's. Echoview is still running successfully in Hobart.

I trained as a coach with Alan Sieler at the Newfield Institute in Melbourne, undertaking the 18-month Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching.  I love coaching and the opportunity it provides to work with individuals and organisations as they expand what is possible for them, take new actions and produce (sometimes unprecedented) new results. Being with another person as they generate, for themselves, a new perspective on a situation and see new possibilities for their living is a privilege and a thrill for me.

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