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Many women in business are ‘full on, flat out in the fast lane’ and some are also struggling with a personal health challenge whilst juggling their work and family commitments. Is any of this sounding familiar? This used to be me... I was fortunate to have a ‘wake-up’ call which I believe literally saved my life!

With a lifetime of personal experience and over 15 years of training in a variety of Complementary Therapies, EFT, META-Health, Coaching and Mentoring; I help women discover the ‘root cause’ of their health issue and what continues to ’trigger’ it.  My aim is to empower and facilitate transformation into positive and lasting change, creating a more desirable lifestyle for great health and wellbeing.

“So... Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and/or exhausted…?”
“What will happen if you continue to live your life in this way?”
"Curious to learn more and find out how you can once again enjoy the magic of life and be in a wonderful state of harmony, fulfilment and peace of mind!?”

My time is your time, your health and wellbeing is my priority - come spend some time with me and let's get you on the right track!

Susan Gardner

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Mother | Wife | Daughter

Ashby - Tamworth - Little Haywood - Tuscany - Barbados 

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