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Since my beginnings, I’ve faced challenged with allergies and food sensitivities. As soon as I was old enough to know what was going on, I became conscious of everything I put into my body. I made it my mission to stay abreast of the latest research and find practical ways to integrate it into daily life.

That’s why I became a Gluten-Free, Vegan, Raw Food Chef.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with four kinds of Cancer of the Breast and Lymphatic System. I had spent years weening myself off of various pharmaceuticals and was resistant to add any of that back in, so my reaction to the diagnosis was to seek alternative treatment. My Naturopathic Physician and Certified Nutritional Consultant Doctor advised that I adhere to a strict vegan, gluten free, raw food diet.

Rather than going at this blindly, I dove headfirst into pursuing a comprehensive education on raw, vegan food preparation at Living Light Culinary Institute. What I learned is that food can either be medicine or poison. I had every intention of giving my body the food that would be the optimum medicine to heal it.

I took the detox a step further. I didn’t want to just eliminate toxins from food, I wanted to eliminate every day stressors that would prevent my body from healing as quickly as it could. I took my camper and headed to the mountains of Tennessee for two months in total solitude. During my time away, I felt substantial improvements in my health—both physical and mental. I felt energized. I felt strong. I felt full of hope.

Even with all of that hope, it was a beautiful shock to receive a clean bill of health upon my return from my detox.

I knew that I couldn’t keep the joy and the healing power of this lifestyle to myself and so here I am.

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