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About John

Marshal Goldsmith (the world's number 1 coach) tells you that "what got you here, won’t get you there".

Well, I show you how to get there.

I am a leadership development mentor and personal empowerment coach for cutting-edge professionals who want to boldly advance their career and business to lead a visionary and purpose driven and impactful life.

I help you craft you Leadership Advant-Edge

Together we'll boldly kick up some dust, tweak your talents, explore options and create sustainable behaviours and right thinking to advance your career and business.

A chef by trade, I moved into the world of IT after creating a fabulous food and beverage stock control system.

Essentially, I speak geek, service and ROCE and bridge the worlds of Technology and business and I have an MBA and a DBA in Technology management.

I work primarily in Tech Leadership. That is in organisations that are highly tech focussed – either in what they sell or how they create products and services. Basically, you have a lot of engineers, geeks and nerds around.

What I do
Coaching and training that leverage neuroscience hacks to empower your leadership influence and business acumen.

I continue to bridge the world of IT and business with a training ability born of an intuitive gift that's been sharpened by both strategy of sharing great IT and business leadership recipes and improvisation borne of experience.

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