Simplero Membership Site Demo

This site exists to give you an introduction to what membership sites are all about.

Ready to make your own membership site but have questions check out our help guide

What is each page in the menu above?

(This section was created using the FAQ Section)

Blog and Forum

Enable the blog or forum in your membership settings

Course 1 & 2

Course 1 is a sample course laid out with the module view.

Course 2 is the same thing but in lesson only view.

When you click on the course you can also see the quiz feature, and take our quiz to see how it works. 


You can turn this off, but we left it on. Here you can see the members who have access to this site. 

Office Hours

This is a link to an outside URL (meaning outside of the membership site).

Have questions about membership sites, click here and sign up for one of our office hours sessions to learn more about membership sites and other Simplero features.

Sample Sites

This page will give you video view of a real membership site(s)

Your Sites

This will only show up if you have created spaces in your Simplero account, and if the member has access to one of those spaces.